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Начальная   / Единое национальное тестирование   / Примерные тесты по ЕНТ-2009 года. Английский язык.  
Примерные тесты по ЕНТ-2009 года. Английский язык.

Вариант 01

1. Выберите правильно написанную 2 форму глагола "to stop":

A) To stopped.

B) To stoppd.

C) Stoped.

D) Stopped.

E) Stopet.

Вариант 02

1. Выберите правильно написанное слово:

A) Domestick

B) Domectic

C) Domestic

D) Damestic

E) Dommestic

2. Найдите синоним слова “Travelling” является

A) Journey

B) Crossing

C) Booking-office

D) Difference

E) Line

2. Выберите слово, противоположное по значению.


A) past.

B) behind.

C) before.

D) after.

E) late.

3. Выберите слово, противоположное по значению.


A) absent.

B) absence.

C) presence.

D) appear.

E) stay.

3. Выберите лишнее слово в данной группе слов:

A) Ham.

B) Chicken.

C) Bread.

D) Aunt.

E) Juice.

4. Выберите правильный артикль:

Is he … teacher?


B) a

C) any

D) the

E) an

4. Выберите правильный вариант артиклей.

Today … people of Britain drink more … tea than any other nation in the world.

A) -, the.

B) An, a.

C) A, an.

D) The, -.

E) A, the.

5. Образуйте прилагательное при помощи суффикса.


A) ful

B) ic

C) al

D) y

E) able

5. Выберите сложное слово:

A) Greenhouse.

B) Employment.

C) Development.

D) Socialist.

E) Straighten.

6. Выберите верное местоимение.

Alma and I sing together. … are a good team.

A) Me.

B) We.

C) She.

D) He.

E) I.

6. Выберите правильный вариант числительного.

We go to school at a quarter to eight.

A) 8.15.

B) 8.10.

C) 7.30.

D) 7.45.

E) 8.45.

7. Дополните предложение:

Let’s have ... to eat. I’m hungry.

A) nothing

B) something

C) anyone

D) somebody

E) everyone

7. Выберите правильный вариант:

is that man in a green suit? I don’t know …

A) what / whom

B) who / him

C) who / this

D) what / his

E) who / hers

8. Выберите притяжательную форму существительного в единственном числе.

A) Planes’

B) Aunt’s

C) Dogs’

D) Plants’

E) Neighbours’

8. Укажите предложение, в котором “-s является показателем притяжательного падежа.

A) The class teacher usually opens our meetings.

B) My uncle’s bought a sideboard.

C) One boy’s mother made tasty cookies.

D) He always greets people.

E) The Stogovs went to the Black Sea.

9. Найдите правильный вариант глагола:

The babyvery good.

A) am

B) were

C) is

D) do

E) are

9. Выберите правильное сказуемое.

The weather … and we can play football.

A) Have changed.

B) Has change.

C) Have change.

D) Has changed.

E) Have changes.

10. Буквосочетания "wa" отличается по чтению от остальных в слове ?

A) warm.

B) wash.

C) wave.

D) walk.

E) wall.

10. Выберите слово, в котором выделенное буквосочетание читается отлично от других слов:

A) There.

B) Weather.

C) Though.

D) Thought.

E) The.

11. Синоним слова "power":

A) Smell.

B) Taste.

C) Energy.

D) Beauty.

E) Quality.

11. Выберите слово, которое дополняет предложение.

He gets very annoyed if he has to wait for anything. He doesn't like waiting.

He's very ... .

A) lasy-going.

B) optimistic.

C) talkative.

D) impatient.

E) unambitious.

12. Выберите правильный вариант предлога.

The driver stopped just ... time to avoid an accident.

A) at.

B) by.

C) in.

D) for.

E) of.

12. Выберите правильный вариант предлога:

Are you interested … working for us?

A) in

B) with

C) at

D) of

E) for

13. Выберите порядковое числительное:

A) Ten.

B) Ninth.

C) Oneth.

D) Twenty.

E) Hundreds.

13. Образуйте глагол от прилагательного "bright":

A) To brightish.

B) To bright.

C) To brightise.

D) To brighten.

E) To brighted.

14. Выберите правильный вариант множественного числа существительного:

Their ... are ... .

A) Step-father, twins.

B) Steps-father, twins.

C) Step-father, twin.

D) Step-fathers, twins.

E) Steps-fathers, twins.

14. Вставьте в предложение прилагательное в нужной форме:

This house is … of all in the street.

A) as old as

B) older

C) more old

D) the oldest

E) the most old

15. Дополните предложение по смыслу.

I ... be seventeen years old next week.

A) am to be.

B) shall.

C) should.

D) would.

E) am.

15. Выберите верный вариант местоимений:

How are … children? – Fine, thanks. How are …?

A) Yours / yours.

B) Your / your.

C) Yours / your.

D) Your / yours.

E) Yours / my.

16. Вставьте нужную форму глагола:

I should … the gas .

A) turn off

B) turning

C) to turn off

D) to turned off

E) turned off

16. Выберите правильную форму глагола в страдательном залоге:

Asel’s cousin must (to take) to the disco.

A) Are taken.

B) Is taken.

C) Be taken.

D) Have been take.

E) Were taken.

17. Составьте вопросительное предложение из данных слов:

has, any, he, brought, from, milk, the, shop

A) He has brought any milk from the shop?

B) Has he brought any milk from the shop?

C) From the shop has he brought any milk?

D) Has he brought from the shop any milk?

E) Has he any milk brought from the shop?

17. Вставьте нужную форму глагола:

Polly cannot … songs

A) sing

B) sang

C) to sing

D) singing

E) sung

18. Образуйте форму Gerund от глагола "Understand":

A) Understanded.

B) Understood.

C) To understand.

D) Understanding.

E) To understanding.

18. Определите название формы по приведенному примеру:

To write.

A) Infinitive Passive.

B) Gerund.

C) Indefinite Infinitive Active.

D) Participle 1.

E) Participle 2.

19. Образуйте форму Participle 1 от глагола "go":

A) To go.

B) To have gone.

C) Going.

D) Went.

E) Gone.

19. Выделенное слово является Participle 1 в предложении:

A) The book is very interesting.

B) I saw a new building in the street.

C) That morning was clear and sunny.

D) She ate her supper watching a film on TV.

E) I saw a bookshop near the turning.

20. Выделенное слово является прилагательным в предложении:

A) Her favourite vegetable is carrot.

B) We like to prepare vegetables for dinner.

C) Do you like vegetables?

D) She usually eats vegetable salads for supper.

E) They sell many vegetables at the market.

20. Выберите подходящий по смыслу ответ на вопрос.

- Why are there so many people on the platform?

- Because they are the people who... .

A) is having a rest.

B) are seeing their children off.

C) strikes for his rights.

D) enjoy music.

E) live here.

21. Выберите правильный английский эквивалент для предложения:

В этом году Арман уже напечатал две статьи.

A) Arman already published two articles this year.

B) Arman has already published two articles this year.

C) In this year Arman had already published 2 articles.

D) In this year Arman already published 2 articles.

E) Arman already publishes 2 articles this year.

21. Закончите предложение: An interpreter is a person ... .

A) who repeats what people are saying by translating it.

B) who translates from one language to another in writing.

C) who makes long speeches in foreign language.

D) who reads many books in foreign language.

E) who writes books in many languages.

22. Найдите окончание пословицы ²A friend in need... ²:

A) ... is the best policy.

B) ... is a friend indeed.

C) ... is my castle.

D) ... are better than one.

E) ... home is best.

22. Закончите фразеологизм:

To be (turn) upside …. Вверх дном.

A) Up.

B) On.

C) Down.

D) Under.

E) In.

23. Дополните условным предложением 3-го типа:

- How did it happen that you missed your stop?

- I … it if the conductor … the stops.

A) hadn’t missed / would have announced.

B) was missed / would have announced.

C) wouldn’t miss / announced.

D) wouldn’t have missed / had announced.

E) had announced / would have announced.

23. Закончите предложение.

You are not angry with us, … you?

A) Aren’t.

B) Are.

C) Don’t.

D) Did.

E) Do.

24. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание.

Jonathan Swift, a famous English writer was travelling on

horseback with a servant. It was raining and the roads were

muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to

bed Swift told his servant to clean his boots. But the servant

was lazy and did not do what his master said. The next morning

when Swift saw the dirty boots he asked the servant why he had

not cleaned the boots. The servant answered that he had not

cleaned the boots because they would soon become dirty again.

Swift did not answer anything and soon told the servant to get ready because they would start at once. But the servant looked very displeased and said that he had not eaten his breakfast yet. Swift answered that they would go without any breakfast. "What is the use of eating now? You will soon be hungry again", he said.

Choose the title to this story:

A) You will Soon Be Tired Again.

B) A Good Lesson.

C) No Dinner.

D) Breakfast and Rest.

E) An Industrious Servant.

24. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание после текста:

Mr. Nelson wanted to be elected sheriff in a New Hampshire county. He went from farm to farm asking people to vote for him. Mrs. Marrow saw him coming up one day and reached for the broom. "Get off, you good-for-nothing loafer", she shouted.

"But Mrs. Marrow", said Nelson. "I have just come to ask you if you’ll vote for me for sheriff".

"Sheriff!" shouted Mrs. Marrow. "Your place is in the lockup, not in the sheriff’s office. You are a scoundrel, and your father was a scoundrel, and your grandfather was a scoundrel. Get out of here before I take this broom to you".

Nelson decided to go. Before climbing back into the car,he took out his notebook and wrote, after the name of Marrow, one word: "Doubtful".

Закончите предложение:

Mr. Nelson was ...

A) ... a candidate for sheriff.

B) ... a graduate from New Hampshire University.

C) ... a President.

D) ... a cruel and brave man.

E) ... a sheriff.

25. Закончите предложение:

A "jack" is an old name for ...

A) a tower

B) a danger

C) a village

D) a sailor

E) a city


25. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

The USA consists of … .

A) 50 states and the state of the Hawaii Islands;

B) 15 states.

C) 49 states and the District of Columbia;

D) 50 states and the District of Columbia;

E) 51 states;



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