Irsaliev Serik Aztaevich - Chairman


Chairman of Committee for the Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan was born on April 23, 1959 in the family of employees. In 1976, after graduating from school in Taldykorgan city, he entered the Forestry Faculty of Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU). After graduation, he worked as an engineer of forest assessment in Kazakh aero-photo-forest surveying company of the All-Union Association “Lesoproekt”. In 1982 he entered the full-time post-graduate study at the forestry department of KazNAU. In 1986 he defended the dissertation on the theme “Silvicultural Bases of Regeneration Felling in Conifer Forests of Djungarian Alatau” for the degree of a Candidate of Forestry Science. After the post-graduate school he worked in KazNAU as the chief of production practices   of studies, the secretary of the Komsomol Committee, the Assistant of the Department of Botany and Physiology of Plants, the Assistant professor of Forestry, the Dean for Foreign Students Affairs, the Head of the Forestry Department (1984-93). He taught at the Department of Forestry of Phnom Phen Agricaltural and Technical Institute “Chamkardong” (Cambodia, 1989-1990). In 1993 he was admitted to the civil service in the Ministry of Education. He worked as the Deputy Head of Main Directorate for International Cooperation, the Representative of the Ministry of Education in the USA, the Head of the Department of International Cooperation (1993-1999). From 1999 till 2003 he worked as the Director of the National Center for State Education Standards and Testing of the Ministry of Education and Science. From 2003till 2004 – he was the Acting Director of the Department of Secondary Education, the Director of the Department of Budget and Strategic Planning, the Director of the Department of Education Development Strategy and International Cooperation of MES. From November 2004 till February 2007 he was the Deputy Chairman of the Control and Validation Committee in Education and Science of MES RK, from February 2007 till April 2010 – he was the Director of the Development Strategy Department of MES. From April 2010 till October 2011 – he was a Vice-Minister of Education and Science. He has more than 40 publications on the problems of international cooperation in the sphere of education and implementation of external assessment of the quality in the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is awarded with the badge “Excellence in Education” (1995), the Medal “10 years of the Constitution” (2005), the Orden “Kurmet” (2007), the Medal “10 years of Astana” (2008), the Mark “Honoured Worker of Education” (2009). The Member of PA PDP “Nur Otan”, the Chairman of the primary party organization. At present time he is the Chairman of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of MES RK. He is married with three children.


 Akhmetov Altair Amangeldievich - the Deputy Chairman.


Akhmetov Altair Amangeldievich was born on June 10, 1979. In 2000 he graduated from Kazakh State Law Academy on speciality of a Lawyer. After graduation from the HEI he worked as a reviewer, attaché of the Legal Department of MFA RK. Further from 2003 he worked in the Administration of the President of RK: the main expert of the Division for Public Relations and Press Office of the Department of Internal Policy, the main expert, the head of the sector, the main consultant of Social Politic Department, the consultant of the Administrative Office of the President of RK, the consultant of the Internal Policy Department of the President of RK. At the present time he is the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of MES RK.


Bulebayeva Lazzat Kaidyrbekovna - the Deputy Chairman.

Bulebayeva Lazzat Kaidyrbekovna was born in Kzyl-Orda on 23 rd of May in 1975. In 1996 she graduated the Kazakh Academy of Management (Institute of the National economy, Almaty) on a major «Government Budget». In 2011 graduated National school of a state policy of Academy of the Government at the President of Republic Kazakhstan, awarded a degree of the Master of social knowledge on a specialty 'Political Science'. Since 1996 till 1998 had worked as the accountant in the company ' Trillis ‘. Since  1998 till  2011 had  worked in Agency of Republic Kazakhstan  according to: the main expert of a department of the economic analysis and tactical inspections of Department of the analysis and publications of the statistical information, a department of structural statistics of Department of coordination, the head of department of conducting qualifiers and metadata of Department of registers and classifications, the associate director of Department of National accounts and researches, director of Department of registers and publications. Since January, 2012   turn up the vice-president of Committee for the control in the sphere of Education and Science. She was awarded by the medal of 20 years of Independence of Republic Kazakhstan » (2011).